Karen Phan

By Kaitlyn Ngo, Staff Writer 

A lover of Popeye’s, romance novels, and patterned socks, Karen Phan is one of the most quirky and interesting people you’d ever meet. Her everlasting appreciation for herself and others around her sets her apart from everyone. Although at first she may appear to be shy and distant, her true personality shines through when you get the chance to know her.

You’ll usually be able to find Karen curled up at Barnes & Noble or her local library with a cheesy romance novel or making playlists on Spotify of her favorite artists such as Tyler the Creator. An avid reader, she loves to read and connect with the stories she reads, crying and laughing along with the characters.

Describing herself as someone who has something to say about almost everything, it’s evident that she’s unlike no other. She notes how her greatest strength is speaking her mind and standing for her beliefs while her greatest weakness is her stubbornness. Despite her hating being unprepared, she describes herself as more of a “go with the flow” kind of person.

One of Karen’s many skills is being able to build almost anything without difficulty. Like Bob the Builder, she’s handy at building everything ranging from IKEA cabinets to a fully functional hydroponic. Besides being a craftswoman, she also enjoys cooking a variety of dishes and hopes to get better with time and experience.

Hoping to discover her passions, Karen hopes to find her purpose and direction in life during high school and eventually life. A triple threat, she strives to do her best as a hardworking 4.0 student, member of the JV Field Hockey Team, and Baron Banner. Fascinated by the Mars and Space, she aspires to someday work at NASA or SpaceX on rockets, botany, and even a planning a mission to Mars.

Karen has traveled much locally and lived in Orange County all her life, but desires to one day move upstate for college or a job. She notes how it would be a great experience saying,

“I’d definitely travel to LA or SF for the culture and experience. I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life so I’ve never traveled out of OC often, not even to Las Vegas. In the future I might move upstate after I graduate college and find a job.”

Unsure of her current path, but with a destination in mind, Karen is starting off her high school journey with all the right choices.