Kaylee Johnson

By Khang Do, Staff Cartoonist29099697003_4361852df3_k

Kaylee Johnson is currently a senior at Fountain Valley High School and attempting to serve in the field of Entertainment Art. In Baron Banner, Kaylee is an aspiring artist who will probably blow you away with her amazing sketchbook. Her artistic experience ranges from drawing to working with wet mediums such as watercolors, but she mainly focuses on anatomic and conceptual character design.

Besides her time as a senior, Kaylee loves to read and listen to music. Her favorite books include the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring and Skulduggery Pleasant. She also enjoys music from the 60s to today.

When asked what super power she would like to have, she decided on teleportation. She would love to use it on a daily basis to move around, run to the restaurant to buy pasta without bothering her grandmother and finish her deadlines in a matter of seconds.

After graduation, Kaylee hopes to become a concept artist and spend time travelling to her favorite destinations: Ireland, Scotland and Italy.