Khang Do

By Vivian Le, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It was the beginning of his junior year when Khang Do (’18) stood before the doors of room 306, unsure of what laid ahead. He’d had to ride his bicycle through the relentless, cold morning that was so strenuous in relation to the summer rays of sun that would peer between his blinds. Being his first year entering the class, he felt alienated being that there was only one other cartoonist in the class.

Little did he know, that he would be taken on a journey, getting to meet and work with new people, and further develop his skills. The class became an outlet for his creativity, whether this be drawing illustrations in collaboration with other classmates or composing his own comics to share with the world.

Do would go on to place third at the Orange County Journalism Education Association (OCJEA) competition, allowing him to then compete at the Southern California Journalism Education Association (SCJEA) competition. This year, Do hopes that through working diligently, he’ll be able to earn a higher placing.

Having done art seriously for four years, Do focuses mostly on watercolor and gouache as him main mediums of art, as he leans towards a realistic style. Fueled by his passion for the arts, in the future he hopes to become a production designer because of his love of films.

“There’s something about me where I just love paying attention to the details, the costumes, the backgrounds, the colors, the everything when I watch a movie.My friends have pointed that out without me noticing it, and that’s what I really like,” said Do.

Besides watching horror movies during class to scare everyone, Do has a profound love for studying languages. At the moment, he’s primarily focusing on his French, however, in the future he hopes to further invest himself in German. If you want to get the attention of Do, all you need to do is utter a word in France, and he’d come running across the room.

Despite having an obsession with European language, he doesn’t plan on moving anywhere far away from his family. In fact, his ideal place to live is San Francisco for its rich landscapes that would keep him inspired.

While, he tells himself that it’s a farfetched dream, he hopes that in the future he’ll be able to make ends meet. For now, his priorities lie in making his senior year memorable.

“My goal this year in Baron Banner is to create more illustrations and cartoons than last year, because I feel like last year I didn’t do as much as I could’ve,” said Do.