Khang Do

By Kaylee Johnson, Staff Cartoonist

Khang Do, 29613067792_bbea0a9bd0_ka fellow baron, has been accepted as an illustrator for Baron Banner. Who is Khang Do though? He loves to paint and draw and Khang is quite talented with a paintbrush and pencil. Gifted with such beautiful artwork and great talent, it’s no wonder he wants to be a designer one day. Khang idols James Gurney and Ivan Alifan and they inspire him to continue improving his skills.

One of his favorite books is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. He is can often be found at the local Barnes and Nobles, one of his favorite places to be and if he could, he’d ride a bike or ride a train to get there. He’d probably go anywhere if it means train rides and bike rides. However, if he could fly anywhere, it’d be all over Europe.

Whenever he has free time from friends, school, and chores, Khang likes to watch Kubo or American Horror Story while he eats his delicious Korean meals and if he’s in the mood or has no access to his show, Khang will listen to a variety of music genres: from pop to classical to opera.

This artistic, creative Baron would love to go to Italy as well one day, who wouldn’t, as the art is every artists’ dream to see. When asked what superpower he would like if he could have one, Khang would love to have powers of telekinesis. Since it will allow him to move objects of any kind with the power of his mind, he feels it is probably one of the coolest powers to have.