Kyle Nguyen

by Jake Winkle, Staff Photographer29433056540_8ca108d705_k

Some call him an avid scholar, some even say he’s trendy or perhaps even just fashionable but to many he’s Kyle, Kyle Nguyen. A new time junior taking on the world with a handful of AP’s and more positivity than your average high school student. Nguyen often expresses himself through his writing or his cool style of clothing.

While he may be overworking himself at times, it never diminishes his warm personality. This ability aligns perfectly with his career path, teaching. Now he claims that he isn’t the best at mathematics, but he definitely can gain passion in other subjects such as science or English. As a teacher in the future, Nguyen hopes that his students would gain the same interest as he is in these subject.

While looking at Nguyen’s grades, one may see how astounding Nguyen is. Yet, grades do not dictate how Nguyen is. He is the person who wants to be thrown with new ideas and new topics daily. While he does pile many AP’s on himself, it just goes to show that he loves a challenge.

This ideology of self-challenge can become stressful at times, but Kyle remains at zen with his music.  Whether it be the soul in Adele or the charm of K-pop, it keeps him on his natural grind.

The idea of interviewing peers or invigorating his writing through his current story makes Baron Banner intriguing for Nguyen. This is why Kyle joined Baron Banner as a writer.

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