Laura Le

By Celine Hoang, Social Media Manager29724136015_2f6bfd2581_k

As an avid foodie, Laura Le (’18)  can often be seen trying new foods, or writing reviews about the ones she’s tried on Yelp.  On a hot day, she can be found at the beach, with a big smile on her face, trying the new delicacies that Pacific City has to offer.  When asked about her favorite food, she cannot decide because, “The world has so much food to try!” However, she enjoys eating sushi with a passion.  Food has played a big role in her life, which is why she got into Baron Banner.

Being a junior, Laura began her career in Baron Banner this year as a writer, though she is interested in design.  She joined because her friend, Celine Hoang (’18), suggested so and because of her budding interest in writing. Having her favorite past times being trying new foods and reviewing them, she thought that it would be best if she took a writing elective, to improve her skills.  

When she isn’t trying new things, Laura is the California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) Activities Director, a member of this year’s LINK Crew, and has been volleyball player for two years on Fountain Valley High School’s (FVHS) team.  With her extracurricular-filled life, it’s a wonder how she has time for AP classes and finding new things to eat or spending time with friends.  If she’s not eating or participating in school related activities, her favorite ways to unwind are by bubble baths, binge watching Netflix and painting her nails.    

The class that she’s the most interested in is the Criminal Law and Business class.  Eventually, she wants to be a CEO of a major company relating to food.

Food is the center of her life, and Laura wants to keep it that way.  She loves trying new things, and food helps her look into different cultures while experiencing one of the greatest parts of life: eating.  Food helped her become interested in Baron Banner, and she will continue on finding new passions with food.