Lindsey Nguyen

By Isabella Purdy, Staff Writer

Lauren, a writer for Baron Banner, shares her life story and talks travel, books, Netflix, and much more.  Lauren’s unique personality shines through in this biography that truly brings out the best and most interesting parts of her.

Lauren (‘20) describes herself in an interesting way, saying she can be both hardworking and lazy because she is prone to procrastination at the same time along with being very nice and shy.

Her interests include swimming which she used to be in competitively but isn’t anymore due to the fact that she joined the JV Girls Golf Team and enjoys it tremendously.

Her main interest or hobby however is reading, and she loves many different book series like The Immortal Instruments and her all time favorite, the Harry Potter series, where she is a proud member of the Ravenclaw house.

Her favorite T.V. show is on Netflix and is called “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Unfortunately, Lauren doesn’t have a favorite movie, but she does have unique favorite memory from one of the many places she’s traveled to: in 3rd grade she went to the Grand Canyon and it started to rain as she looked over one of the edges which was really nice and a different take on the well known destination.

Lauren has also traveld to Western Europe and Vietnam as well, and loves seeing more of the world.

She may not know what type of doctor she’d like to be, but Lauren has a dream of going into the medical field hopefully with help of her dream school UC Berkeley.

Her motto is “You can’t run a mile in two minutes.” This helps her to stay off of the path of procrastination because she knows that a task must be started because it will take a while to do.

Lauren overall, is a very unique and special writer for the Baron Banner.