Olivia Krueger

By Isabella Purdy, Staff Photographer29688854536_3781e31e83_k

You can usually find Olivia Krueger sprinting down the football field during Field Hockey practice, with her trusty stick in hand, and her mind bent on scoring a goal. If not that then, she can be found savoring homemade Macaroni and Cheese with breadcrumbs, or listening to music from the early 2000’s. But no matter what she’s up to, you can always rely on Olivia being a helpful and kind person to anyone around her.

Olivia has big dreams for the future, which is influenced by her love of sports.  She wants to got to a four-year college and become a professional sports journalist and reporter; which is why her role models are sports reporters like Alex Curry and Alana Rizzo.  Olivia also loves watching sports like baseball or football at home, where she roots for her favorite teams.

Olivia enjoys English the most out of all of her subjects, which is why she likes so many books like the Davinci Code, but her all-time favorite book series is Harry Potter.  Her favorite movie is Forrest Gump, which she has seen over one hundred times, because to her, it is the best movie ever.  

If Olivia could have a superpower, it would be the ability to fly, so she could go to Yosemite and see the Angel Falls.  But, since Olivia can’t fly, she enjoys driving her car down PCH and going on the freeway, and her family visits Yosemite often.  She has also traveled to Europe; where she went to Paris, London, Madrid, and Rome.  Olivia’s dream vacation spot would be Fiji or New Zealand, where she could explore and see wildlife.