Suzane Jlelati

By Bethany Pham, Staff Writer

A delightful new staff writer of Baron Banner, Suzane Jlelati (’18) is a charming junior, spreading smiles wherever she goes.29688862906_2c56a2b087_k

Suzane initially wanted to join Baron Banner as a freshman, but her shyness restrained her, and sophomore year proved too busy and stressful for Suzane to consider signing up for the newspaper. When junior year rolled around, Suzane finally joined Baron Banner at the insistence of a friend, but it wasn’t hard for her to accept the invitation due to her love for all that is related to reading and writing. She hopes to improve her writing and communication skills from her experience as a member of the staff.

Artistic and thoughtful, Suzane appreciates books like The Phantom Tollbooth for its riveting, adventurous story as well as Mister B. Gone for its darker tone, masterful character development, and complete twist ending. Sherlock is her favorite T.V. show, and she’s proud to say she’s been following it since it first premiered. When Sherlock takes a break off the air, Suzane enjoys watching some anime. Suzane wholeheartedly praises the film Moonrise Kingdom for its historical New England aesthetic, poignant screenplay, and amusing storyline. Actor, director, and painter Matthew Gray Gubler, of Criminal Minds fame, is one of her favorite public figures due to his authenticity and laidback attitude. Meanwhile, her music choices range from K-pop, Broadway tunes, to indie.

English is Suzane’s favorite school subject, but she is definitely not confined to knowing only the English language. She speaks Arabic at home with her parents, has picked up French from her mother’s side of the family, and is learning German from her father who once resided in Germany. These experiences have inspired Suzane to become a translator in the future, but she would also enjoy being an editor for a newspaper. All career planning aside, Suzane’s real dream is to own a cat café.

The cultural side of San Francisco enchants Suzane every time she visits, be it the city’s food, people, or attractions. In the future, Suzane would love to tour Europe and Asia. Although this seasoned traveler has already been to a few northern and eastern European countries already, she wouldn’t mind revisiting them to truly understand and admire each nation.