Suzane Jlelati

By Ella Scott-Wallace, Staff Writer

Though Suzane Jlelati claims she’s just an average person, her easy-going and unique personality proves her wrong.

Since a young age, Suzane has enjoyed reading and writing, but always kept a bit of a preference for writing. In her free time, she’ll often log onto her computer and write a short story to clear her mind of thoughts and stresses that interfere with daily life. Even more so, she’s an avid music listener with a complex taste; her favourite genres range from indie, to rap, to k-pop. A poetic person at heart, she finds herself overanalyzing and deeply thinking about the lyrics in a song to find the philosophy and meaning behind the artist’s words. Though most people tend to look at what’s right in front of them, she always digs deeps to find the hidden meaning behind what’s on the surface.

When Suzane joined Baron Banner she recalls being shy and quiet. In fact, one of her reasons for joining Baron Banner was her determination on improving her communication skills, and ridding herself of social anxiety. Only two years later, she enthuses how much more confidence she has now compared to her freshman year, and considers her personality more easier to get along with.

However, becoming more confident in herself isn’t her only goal to accomplish before she graduates. As of now, Suzane defines herself as a pessimist, but is determined to change her attitude to a more optimistic outlook. “I hope to improve that, of course,” she further explains, “and become a better, happier person.”

After she’s moved on to college, she hopes that those she connected with during her four years here will remember her as a positive person who impacted her school through Baron Banner and her writing.

Once Suzane graduates, she plans on attending college and studying abroad–preferably in a language she’s learning, and one day teaching in a language she speaks. She enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and languages. Though she likes California, she yearns to go out and explore the rest of the world. “I really enjoy learning about other cultures and other languages, and how people live. I want to get out and explore before I’m too old,” she elaborates. Having already travelled to Germany; Holland; Switzerland; and Morocco, she also hopes to visit even more countries located in Europe and Asia.

After high school she dreams of becoming a translator or an editor for books, but is leaning more towards a translator, as she already does it now in her free time. Speaking two languages and currently learning another two in her spare time, Suzane defines herself as a polyglot. She’s fluent in English as well as Arabic; and is currently studying French and German, and hopes to one day study Japanese and Korean.

Though she has big dreams for the future, she expresses she’s currently content as long as she, her family, and everyone else she’s surrounded with are happy.