Tejas Chadha

By Benjamin Minch, Staff Writer29688845386_f2bd1e89be_k

When someone as unique as Tejas Chadha (’17) enters the room, you know he is bound for greatness. You know that he means business when his secret talent is eating 40 hot wings in one sitting.

On top of this, Chadha has won a track race at distance carnival and placed 7th in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) preliminaries. He aspires to become a biology teacher when he grows up, being inspired by teachers at FVHS.

Chadha is a true risk taker, and if given a million dollars, he would risk it all and take a trip to Vegas. He also wants to travel to Rio de Janeiro , Brazil and loves Mexican food. Even though Chadha seems indestructible, he is deathly afraid of bugs, especially spiders.

This year, Chadha is trying to end his last year at FVHS on a positive note and not lose any of his friends and grades. This shouldn’t be a problem however, because Chadha is extremely fun to be around. He is funny and sarcastic to the perfect level making him a comical figure that will definitely make your day a thousand and two times better.

He loves writing and joined Baron Banner because he was approached by Sean Ziebarth. Overall, Chadha is a big bag of adventure, risk taking, and humor combined into a single person. People like him are hard to come by these days.