Theodore Vuong

By Jennifer Trend, Staff Writer

Theo Vuong, a senior in his first year of Baron Banner, is a very quirky and upbeat person. He is very active in school, as he is very passionate about being the Key Club’s event coordinator for the school and then a spirit coordinator for the division. Theo also currently takes four AP classes which consist of English, Biology, Stats, and Econ and Government.

“I feel that if I don’t take these challenging classes I’m going to waste my time because I want to be in a good environment that really promotes learning and with people who are at my skill level or better. People can motivate me and challenge each other so that we can then become the best we can.”

In his free time, he would rather much stay inside than go outside. When given the choice, Theo would gladly spend his time on the computer, doing multiple things ranging from watching anime to playing games. He used to take swimming, but has recently taken up recreational volleyball, even though he admits he isn’t the best at it.

Along with his friend, Nick Le (`18), Theo is a dab enthusiast.

“My DPS, dabs per second is an average of 3.1. That’s my average right, but when the time is right, I’ll unleash my final form and go to a good four. Four DPS.”

In his future, Theo plans on attending UCI or UCSD and studying to become a doctor of sorts. He thinks on perhaps becoming a dermatologist as it interests him, and it seems easier than the other types of doctors he could choose to become.

“I see other doctors doing all this crazy stuff, while dermatologists are like here’s a cream, have fun.”