Trevor Sonoda

By Clarissa Htay, Staff Writer29433036490_f95bdcf89c_k

Talking to Trevor Sonoda is probably one of the easiest things to do. The topic of conversation can range from history homework to that weird video you watched last night.

He is also very easy to approach and communicate with. If a person were to describe him in three words they would probably say he is amazing, talent, and hot. Some people would say he is amazing because he is just an overall great guy.

Trevor is also one of the most talent people out there. He can play up to 3 different sports that include golf, basketball, and judo, but he secretly loves judo more than golf and basketball.

He also has some amazing artistic skills. With his artistic he can draw anything from your face to any animal you desire.

He also has big aspirations to become rich, successful, powerful, and famous as a journalist when he grows up. But right now Trevor is happy to provide great articles to the fellow Barons from Baron Banner. Hopefully you’ll see Trevor around reporting on sports games and the student life in FVHS.