Mimi Tran

By John Le, Staff Writer

Leyna Tran (‘20), preferred to be called Mimi, is a new addition to the Baron Banner team. As a sophomore cartoonist, she revolves her life on one thing. Art.

Tran is a very avid drawer and animator. She has been drawing for most of her life, and recently took on animation after taking it at school. For now, she has no other extracurriculars besides drawing in her room.

“Art is a great way to express myself, I spend hours drawing and drawing. It’s a really big passion for me,” said Tran.

As of high school goals, Tran is determined to keep a good balance between school and art. She plans to continue on taking art classes throughout the years, intending to major in art after high school.

Tran’s favorite food is sushi, as she “quote about sushi”. She loves Disney movies and live action movies, as one of her favorites is “Train to Busan”. Her favorite T.V. show, which is an amine, is Mob Cycle 100. One of her future plans is to check out all the Disneylands over the world.