Vinh Nguyen

By Eden LaClair, Staff Photographer and Writer

Proud to be a Baron, Vinh Nguyen (‘18) is anything but bored when it comes to high school. Member of Baron Banner, member of the varsity swim team and a brilliant student, Nguyen has kept himself busy his past three years at Fountain Valley High School.

“I guess you could say I’m decently involved in the campus,” said Nguyen.

While school is very important to Nguyen, he spends a lot of his time doing activities with Division 04 West Key Club, of which he is the Lieutenant Governor (LTG). Nguyen leads 10 different schools, all trying to better the community. Aside from any other leadership position, being a LTG allows him to interact with high school students. While he loves having this position, it is not easy. Nguyen is faced with many specific tasks, such as “monthly report forms,” making his work similar to having a real job.

“Even still, ever since being elected LTG by the 10 clubs I serve, I have been the happiest I have ever been. I hope to put smiles on the 1000+ high school students I serve and I’m looking forward to the future!” said Nguyen.

When Nguyen manages to find free time, you can often find him looking through the lense of a camera. Being a staff photographer for Baron Banner allows him to spend time doing something he loves while also being involved in school. He enjoys taking pictures of people and capturing moments in his photos.

“I really like photography a lot, it really helps me open my mind up and helps me express myself in another art form that’s not so ubiquitous across the world,” said Nguyen.

While relaxing at home, Nguyen enjoys listening to music. He listens to a wide variety of music, ranging from New Wave to old school rap. Recently, Nguyen has been into the rap artist Kendrick Lamar and would like to attend one of his concerts in the future.

Nguyen is not limited to his specific hobbies and interests. He considers himself to be a person that likes to try new things and is ready for adventure. He is already a world traveler and has visited many different places including Vietnam, Korea, Mexico  and Canada. Along with being adventurous, Nguyen considers himself to be understanding, passionate, and dedicated. When he really wants to do something, nothing can stop him from achieving his goal.

“I feel like I can empathize and sympathize with people really well because I’m not too judgemental of a person,” said Nguyen.

Having set his goals for the future, Nguyen is ready for life after college. His dream school is University of California San Diego, but he will settle for any school that has a good dentistry program. He is currently working as a dental assistant, as a step towards . In a perfect world, Nguyen will have graduated college, landed a good job in dentistry, and found someone to have by his side in ten years.