Vivian Le

By Maria Gerges, Staff Writer29643033561_542c34da09_k

This is Vivian Le’s (’19)  first year in Baron Banner. Since she’s only a sophomore, she wishes to know more about the school and connect more to it. Thus she found herself joining Baron Banner in hopes of becoming more involved with the school.

Le is also a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and wants to join Ecology Club during club rush this year. In addition to that, she has already planned to start a club with her friends this summer. They have already organized a fundraiser that has raised $80 for HomeAidOC.

In her free time, she focuses on painting or drawing which is one of the reasons why she applied as an artist for Baron Banner. Interested in the arts, she is also an avid piano player.

As a lover of mornings and an early riser, she finds that having a zero period isn’t as bad as some say it is. In fact, she feels Baron Banner adds excitement to her morning. Since her schedule hasn’t gotten that busy yet, Le uses her free time to grow and develop her artwork as well as piano skills. Her inspirations to her art work include include drawing people, cartoons, and flowers. Her favorite artists have to be Yuumei and Pearfleur.

In the future, she wants to attend a University of California school and go into a business major, possibly even marketing or graphic design.