Vivian Yenson

By Lindsey Nguyen, Staff Writer

In order to make her mark on senior year, Vivian Yenson has decided to go all out with her school activities. When it comes to joining Baron Banner, Virtual Enterprise and academic classes, you can count on seeing Yenson’s name on the sign-up sheet.

“This year, I’m doing more things than I would’ve before,” said Yenson.

In her free time, you can expect to see her baking or watching Netflix. Although Yenson says she isn’t a complete master chef, she can’t help her guilty pleasure of baking. Even though she loves making brownies and cookies, her favorite dessert is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. While she munches down on her home-made treats, Yenson enjoys watching “Parks and Recreation” and all Shonda Rhimes shows including: “Grey’s Anatomy”, “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Scandal.” Yenson hopes to get into “Game of Thrones,” but has fallen asleep during each attempt. 

Yenson admits that she can be a nerd, especially because her favorite subject is math. As a kid in elementary school, her favorite thing to do was time tables and timed multiplication tests. Most students, including herself, agree that Calculus BC can be difficult, but this doesn’t affect Yenson’s love for the subject.

“…even though it [Calculus BC] was so hard and difficult on me, and I didn’t always get the grade I wanted, I still really like math…” said Yenson.

To ease up on the stress from her math class, she likes to picture what a perfect day would be like. Yenson says she sees herself at Disneyland with her friends and family and that it’d be the cherry on top if the hour long lines vanished too.

With a good attitude and new Taylor Swift songs to jam out to,  Yenson is really looking forward to ending senior year with a bang.