Yasir Khaleq

By Sandra On, Photo Manager

A daydreamer—that is Yasir Khaleq (‘18), one of the more interesting students on the Fountain Valley High School campus. A new Baron Broadcast News member, member of the Ukulele club, second year member of the FVHS Cross Country Team as well as a second year staff writer and photographer for Baron Banner, Khaleq is an actively involved Baron.29688860396_f8dcc084c7_k

“I love FVHS. I am the embodiment of Baron Spirit. I love everyone at this school, even the ones I don’t like,” said Khaleq.

Despite his involvement at the school, Khaleq’s existence on this realm of human capacity is heavily debated. Many across the galaxies argue that Khaleq is simply a spiritual compilation of all of humankind’s negative feelings. Khaleq doesn’t dispute nor support those claims.

“Sometimes I wonder about my existence too. Do I exist? Are teachers giving detentions to a walking contradiction? It’s tough to tell. I just hope one day people will realize the struggles of someone who’s entire being is an anomaly,” said Khaleq.

Khaleq, who almost always has earphones in his ear, is always listening to music wherever he goes and no matter what he’s doing. He enjoys listening to punk rock and art rock, the latter of which is a genre defined by his second favorite band, Radiohead. His all time favorite band is Green Day, a band of which he has a playlist dedicated to on Spotify, a Swedish video, podcast and music streaming service.

Not only is he a music enthusiast but he is also movie fanatic. His all time favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Fight Club and Good Will Hunting.

“Anyone who watches Good Will Hunting will come out of that movie a much better and smarter person,” said Khaleq.

Whenever he gets home from school, Khaleq loves to lay on his bed staring at the wall, daydreaming while jamming out to Radiohead. During this daydreaming period, he lives by the words of, “A daydream spills from my corked head.” If he is not staring at his bedroom wall during his free time, Khaleq is most likely calling his friends, working on a top secret unified theory or working on breaking out the spiral of ants.

Khaleq also enjoys being an annoyance to others, especially his good friend Jacob Winkle (‘17). Aside from being a nuisance, Khaleq loves capturing every moment through a lens of camera.

“I use [photography] as a way to express my own feelings. I like using words to express my feelings but I feel like pictures explain it the best way possible. Photography is the window to the soul,” said Khaleq.

At only sixteen years old, Khaleq has his life planned out. He wants to graduate high school with a grade point average of a 4.0 or above and is currently on course for achieving this goal. Not only does he want to graduate with a GPA of a 4.0 but he wants to become the best writer and photographer Baron Banner has ever had. Once Khaleq graduates high school, he wants to attend Boston University to get away from the world, particularly Orange County, and see another side of it.

Once he graduates Boston University he hopes to get a job in the sports broadcasting field in England. Once Khaleq is financially stable, he would love to not start a family of his own. He fears any attempt at a family would deeply scar all involved. Khaleq would also love to travel to England, Germany and 942 Gilman Street, Rodeo, California. One of his favorite places to retreat to is a moon shaped pool in Pasalacqua.

“Going to Pasalacqua allows me to slip into my daydreams of Paper Lanterns and Declan McHugh,” said Khaleq.

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