Exploring the sewer system at FVHS

As many can smell, there is an ongoing stench coming from the storm drains near the bowl. As noted in a previous article, The Morning Stench of Fountain Valley, this stench is most likely coming from the drainage system at the pond at Mile Square Park. There may be more to the problem however, and to find the answer we must dive deeper than the surface: into the sewer itself.

Ecology of FV

Fountain Valley is home to a diverse system of organisms that all interact in a highly complex set of interactions.This has prompted me to develop the first trophic pyramid for these interactions in the Fountain Valley area, which shows the interactions of organisms and transfer of energy through an ecosystem.

Koalaty Science: Elongated life?

Each time your cells divide, you age. You may not know it, but thousands of your cells are constantly dying off every minute, causing you to get older and older. This process of aging however, can possibly be reversed with a highly controversial method of elongating telomeres. This process has the potential to being the foundations to an “eternal life” and could change science forever.

Koalaty Science: The Bicameral Mind

Bicameralism. One of the most interesting ideas of this day and age. It is the idea that before 3,000 years ago, all humans were unconscious and controlled by only hallucinations in their heads that they believed to be the “voices of deities”. How did this idea come about and is it even valid? Find out in this installment of Koalaty Science.