Baron football comes home with a blowout against Westminster

At this year’s annual Homecoming game, Fountain Valley Barons beat the Westminster Lions with a score of 45-6 at Huntington Beach High School.


Skyrocketing homecoming tickets prices upset students

The price of tickets for the FVHS homecoming dance have increased $20 from last year.

Students scramble to clear detentions

Students scramble to clear detentions

Although Homecoming is this Saturday, some students haven’t cleared their detentions to attend the annual dance.


Parents contemplate the importance of Back to School Night

Parents support the idea of attending Back to School Night.

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Varsity athletes congregate for annual Varsity Athlete Summit

Varsity Summit

Student athletes learn how to perform better on and off the court.

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Students react to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


Students declare “Guardians” a fun movie with a nice lesson, but decide it was slightly ridiculous at times.

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Girls golf works hard in one of the toughest leagues of the OC

clubs and golf 348

The Lady Barons play hard into this golf season, in matches and tournaments.

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Carwashes temporarily banned from FVHS


Students are temporarily banned from hosting car washes at Fountain Valley High School due to the current drought that California is under.

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Cross-country team has mixed responses with performance at League Preview


Cross-country had a bold start to Sunset League, with mixed reactions and results.

Barons apply for Senate

ASB members interview Senate applicant

This year’s Senate has been chosen to help ASB with the school’s larger activities.

National Merit semifinalists announced


Seniors Brian Wang, Christian Warloe, Brandon Vu, Christine Nguyen, and Amy Hoang qualify to be this year’s National Merit semifinalists.

BBN Season 13 Episode 2: It’s okay to be awkward!

Episode thumbs

In the second episode of season 13, BBN introduces executive ASB, spotlights wrestler Andrew Morgan, and discusses homecoming with FV […]

Students provide organization advice for the new year


Students give their most helpful tips to stay organized throughout the school year.

First male color guard captain leads team

Photo Credit: Thein Le

First male color guard captain Jonathan Gaydos leads varsity practice and competition in the fall.

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