Summer Shenanigans: San Francisco

By Cecilia Nguyen, News Editor

I have never seen so many rainbow flags (and Golden State Warrior t-shirts), smelled so much of that green, pungent herb and heard so many bells. I have never also been in such a city where I’ve seen a homeless person injecting himself with whatever drug into his arm right across from me, but I guess you could say that’s what makes San Francisco, well, San Francisco.

San Francisco is made up of everyone from everywhere. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever gender you are or aren’t, San Francisco will feel like home. I mean, I saw the next Jeffree Star, a guy that dressed up as a cat and a Superman shirt wearing middle-aged man just casually walking on stilts double the size of him across town.

That’s when I knew San Francisco definitely wasn’t your typical city. And I liked that.

In my 16 years of life, I have not traveled that much, but I’m reminded of reasons why I should, every time I go somewhere. To experience a place so unlike from what I’m used to is extremely eye opening; I absolutely love learning about different parts of the world. San Francisco is an incredible place that radiates harmonious energy, and I will be forever grateful for its adventure. Thank you SF, and until next time.


Here’s what my family and I did on our vacation!

Day One: We arrived late at night, but we did walk around Union Square and experience the city nightlife.

Day Two: First stop, brunch at Kitchen Story. Then, we went to the Mosaic Stairway on 16th Avenue. Next was the Conservatory of Flowers at the Golden Gate Park where we would experience the stinkiest flower on earth: the Titan Arum or Corpse Flower. Of course we couldn’t forget a view of the Golden Gate Bridge at Baker Beach. A classic on a tourist’s list, we then visited Japan Town. After that, it was time for Boba Guys (I highly recommend the Strawberry Matcha Latte!).

Day Three: We started with a nice hike at Lands End Trail where we saw the Sutro Baths and the labyrinth there. Once we reached the labyrinth, there was a stunning view overlooking the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge, and I honestly could have stayed there forever. What’s a trip to San Francisco without visiting Fisherman’s Wharf? There was crab and fish and stuff. Finally, the beautiful Painted Ladies overlooking the Golden City was everything San Francisco stood for: hills, pastel-colored Victorian houses and tall skyscrapers.