Hydration stations finally ready to be used for the new school year

Student in action using the new hydration station during break. Photo by Yasir Khaleq.

By Suzane Jlelati and Vivian Yenson, staff writers

Over the summer, Ecology Club was able to install two hydration stations, with one located near Associated Student Body’s publicity closet and the other near the nurse’s office. These hydration stations are specifically used for refilling water bottles and providing students with the inexpensive alternative to buying plastic bottles.

“We wanted to help promote a healthier carbon footprint.. with the Hydration Station, the goal is to reduce the use of plastic water bottles,” said Vivian Le (‘18), current Ecology Club Co-President.

Diane Lac (‘17), Ecology Club’s former co-publicist, originally suggested the project at a meeting and the 2016-2017 Ecology Club board decided to pursue the idea.

“The idea first came from Diane Lac, our co-publicist. We were having a meeting to share our ideas about which projects we should tackle on as a club and when she suggested it, our whole board decided to pursue that idea,” said Vian Nguyen (‘17), former Ecology Club President.

The club began fundraising immediately at small eateries such as Pieology and Donuttery. With help from the Parent-Teacher-Student Association and the financial district, the funding was complete to pay for the two hydration stations whose estimate costs were $1600 each.

Originally, the hydration stations were supposed to come in during April but with problems that were out of the school’s hands, their delivery and installation were delayed till the end of the school year.

“Although it was a little setback since our goal was to allow our graduating class to use it too, we’re still incredibly happy that this will be here for future generations of Barons to enjoy,” said Nguyen.

With positive reactions on social media from students for the long awaited hydration stations, the Ecology Board awaits to see new students reactions and their effectiveness. Co-president Le is excited to see new hydration stations be put into use and the elimination of plastic bottle waste.