Club representatives get creative for annual Club Rush

By Theo Vuong, Staff Writer

This coming Wednesday through Friday, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) will hold its annual Club Rush event in the Bowl during lunchtime. During this three-day period, all clubs on campus fill the Bowl with booths and poster boards in an attempt to recruit new members. This year, clubs are employing new strategies and devoting more time to garner more membership.

In the past, clubs typically set up a singular table and create a poster board to catch the eye of potential members. Club representatives usually cheer and scream to attract attention, often handing out small incentives for those who join their organization. Outside from these tactics, often nothing else is done.

Recently, it has become evident that this year’s club rush will be fairly different compared to previous years. By browsing various social media outlets such as Facebook, the first of numerous techniques is revealed: profile picture overlays.

“We’re doing it to get our [club’s] name out there to the media. It’s the most effective way nowadays to promote anything through social media because it spreads more quickly than in real life,” said Viet Tran (‘19), Secretary of Boys’ League.

In addition, certain organizations are using different strategies in order to attract members.

“Key Club is thinking about blowing bubbles and we have made posters and banners to carry around the Bowl. We also have small flyers to hand out that detail our meeting location and information about our organization,” said Nick Lee (‘18), President of Key Club.

Aside from overlays and posters, other clubs have gone further to offer incentives to join.

“For club rush, KIWIN’s is handing out membership pins, FV KIWIN’S wristbands, and we’re having (potential new members) put their name in a raffle for a few T-shirts at our first meeting,” said Dorothy Ngo (‘18), President of KIWIN’S.

Evidently, this year’s club rush will be more intense than previous years. With all of the preparation and dedication students have put forth so far, it becomes clear that the students of FVHS care for their clubs and view them as an integral part of their lives.

“Make-A-Wish has definitely made me a better person. I met some new people that are now some of my closest friends and I cannot imagine my life without it,” said Aline Giang (‘19), Co-Activities Chair of Make-A-Wish.

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