FVHS Theatre welcomes mad scientist Dr. Jonah Hill into their haunted house

Theatre students get into character before guests start entering the haunted house. Photo by Jennifer Nguyen.

By Jennifer Nguyen & Vivian Yenson, Staff Writers

In the spirit of Halloween, FVHS Theatre provided a horrifying experience to students with their haunted house.  Brave haunted house-goers encountered Dr. Jonah Hill’s terrifying creations as they traversed through the spooky path.

Following the great success from their first haunted house last year, theatre students decided that they wanted to make another haunted house this year. After brainstorming ideas, the group all agreed on one backstory. The premise of the story starts off with a family of four: a doctor, a loving mother and two conjoined twin daughters. The mother died during childbirth, so the doctor raised his daughters by himself. He wanted nothing more than to give them the normal life they deserved, so he decided to try and separate them.

Once students enter the haunted house, they are directed by leaders through the first part of the house. However, before they enter the haunted house, they had the choice between the right or the left path. One path of the maze showcased a more “magic and dark-sorcery side” while the other path reflected the side of the mad scientist. The two ending paths explained the different methods he used to try and separate his two daughters.

Alyssa Kammerer poses with the knife prop she uses to scare guests. Photo by Jennifer Nguyen.

The director of the haunted house, senior Natalie Arreola, takes great pride in the work that she and her peers have done to make this haunted house a memorable experience for many.

“We put in a lot of love and effort into [the haunted house], and I’m confident and proud to say that our turnout so far has been pretty good. People who come in, not expecting much from a high school production, usually come out with only good things to say about our small haunted house! As the director of this project along with my co-director, Sage Delaney, I am so proud of all my peers and the work they put in and all the lessons they taught me. I can only say thank you to them and Mr. Zick for giving me this opportunity to grow and learn,” said Arreola.

Theatre has been receiving great responses about their haunted house from students, teachers and even parents.

“I thought it was awesome. I’m not one to typically like haunted houses, in general, but I had so much fun. I loved how nobody broke character whatsoever. [The haunted house] was professionally done. I would definitely go through it again,” said freshman Cielo Chavarria.

“It was pretty scary and well-thought out. It was a little loud at moments, but very well set-up. I think the theatre students did a great job!” said Wellness Specialist Kayla Perkoski.
With such great feedback, FVHS Theatre hopes to have more upcoming attractions.