Elise Tran

By Amy Vu, Staff Writer

An endearing addition to the Baron Banner family, Elise Tran (‘20) has a love for lively penguins, delectable ravioli with mushroom cream sauce and unforgettable family road trips. She has been roller skating competitively since the tender age of eight but also plays the piano since she was merely six years old.29643031571_95cacd20bf_k

Tran expresses her delight for traveling when she reminisces about her family’s road trip from New Mexico to California. Her most memorable experiences include hiking down a mountain, camping in her family car and arriving in the famed city of Las Vegas. In fact, her favorite mode of transportation is via vehicles, which explains her love for road trips. Tran even wishes that she could travel by car over the ocean and ride the waves (in the vehicle, of course).

Preferring warm weather over cold, Tran longs to travel to Australia to appease her hunger for adventure. There, she hopes to find captivating scenery, charming creatures, and intriguing flora.

If you were to ask Tran about her favorite animal, she will most definitely confess “penguins.” She discovered her fascination for penguins when she was in the first grade. Upon visiting SeaWorld, Tran laid eyes on the adorable cluster of stuffed penguins in the gift shop. Since then, her appreciation for the iconic black and white, waddling creatures has only grown in interest.

While conversing with her loving mother about Tran’s possible career options, Tran decided that she wanted to work with children. Therefore, when suggested that Tran should become a pediatrician, she immediately became interested. As a selfless individual who desires to promote the health of children, Tran has aspired to become a pediatrician since she was nine years old.

Throughout her life, Tran has looked up to her parents who constantly strive to provide for the family both financially and emotionally.

“No matter the situation, they’d always be there for us,” Tran asserts admiringly.

Tran aims to emulate her parents’ kindness and live a life of generosity and integrity.