Jennifer Trend

By Theo Vuong, Staff Writer

From an outsider looking in, Jennifer Trend (‘20) appears to be just another student at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS). She rides her bike to and from school everyday, a helmet strapped to her head, and takes difficult courses, such as CP English Honors 2 and Algebra 2 Trig. But, the same can be said for a number of other students.

If you were to get to know her, however, your entire perspective of her would change. While it is true that Jennifer is a goody two-shoes with a high GPA, there is another side to her that most don’t get to see. For example, Trend eats, sleeps and breathes books. Like water is essential to all life on Earth, Trend sustains herself on books.

If you were to go to her house, it wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself inside a miniature library of sorts, which would double as her room. Her favorite series of all time is “Harry Potter” and she most definitely could write a ten page research paper analyzing how the Sorting Hat places the wizards and witches into their respective houses.

Coming into Baron Banner as a new writer, Trend appreciates the class’s positive community and how devoted each student is to journalism. She loves how united each writer, photographer, graphic designer and editor is when they’re working to produce the best articles. By joining  Baron Banner, Trend hopes to improve her writing and journalism skills, while also developing her social skills.

In the future, Trend aims to maintain the rigor of her current schedule. She will also continue reading and by adulthood, she could even read enough books to wrap around the the moon twice. As for college, Trend is keeping an open mind, but is certain that Ivy Leagues are not for her. With her attitude towards school and academics, however, it is certain that all eight schools will be missing out on such an exuberant and intelligent individual.