May 2013 Winners

Photo Contest First Place:
by Kevin Kato






Entry #33-1
By Kanyanat Tongprasearth


Entry #34-1
By Kanyanat Tongprasearth

Santa Anita 803
By Anton Schlegel


Honorable Mentions

By Rebecca Luu


Entry 51-1
By Aseel Yerunkar


Entry #49-1
By Aseel Yerunkar


Entry #28-1
By Lizette Nguyen


Writing Contest First Place:
“The Harsh Reality” by Christine Le

Bellies growl with a burning need for food
Abandoned, lost youngins left with no choice
But to roam harsh roads with blue moods,
Begging passerbys in a hopeless voice

A rummaging hyena; feeling shame
And foulness seeping through tan, weathered skin.
All day, the scavenger is like a game
That is lost when best finds are cans of tin.

Packed markets taunt with their tongues out, seduce
With its allure; temptation overwhelms.
Like hornets, scared owners assume a ruse
And shoo off, back to the accustomed realms.

As daylight fades, dark menacing hours come:
A plea for ending, wanting to be numb.


Art Contest First Place:
By Tiffany Hoa




cIMG_4906 copy
By Mackenzie Hill

Honorable Mentions

cIMG_4910 copy
By Trang Troung


cIMG_4934 copy
By Mariam Zagub


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